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They are lots of things to say about the breath. It could take pages to write down. Let' start with some basics.

Breath is life. We can survive without water or food for some days but life without breath is simply not possible. We take it for granted, though. That is true, it is all free, but is it enough? That is sure! We are born with our first breath and die with the last one. What about the breaths in-betweens? The scientists discover that every living being has its approximate amount of breaths to take during its lifetime, humans included. For example:

Tortoises breathe approximately 4 breaths per minute and live for up to 150 years.

Dogs breathe approximately 24 breaths per minute at rest and live for only up to 13 years. Humans breathe 15 breaths per minute on average and you know how long we can live...

So, breathe slowly and add more years to your life.

Additionally, if I say that your lifespan is just 600.000.000 breaths long, would you consider maximizing the efficiency of every single breath?

16 breaths per minute= 70 years 8 breaths per minute= 140 years It's simple: If you know how to breathe efficiently, you can live longer.

Since I know my number of breaths to live now, I'd work on how to spend them correctly.

You don't need any money, instrument or person to do it. You may need to know some information and guidelines that is all.

If you are ready to make your life longer and specially healthier, I'll keep writing about the breath here. I suggest you follow the upcoming posts.

You can always e-mail me to or book your first breathing session here

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