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       If you are positive with one of the following sentences, it is your time to meet with a breathing coach :)

       Don't worry, it is really easy and enjoyable:


  • I just want to take a really deep breath.

  • I have neck and shoulder pain that never seems to get better.

  • I can’t get enough air – there’s a tightness in my chest.

  • I want to learn to be in the now.

  • I can’t sleep.

  • I feel stuck.

  • I have lower back pain that I can’t find a solution for.

  • I have acid reflux, GERD or constipation.

  • I have pelvic floor problems.

  • I feel constantly overwhelmed.

  • I know I am acidic, and have medical problems related to inflammation or autoimmune function.

  • There are moments I have to hold back tears.

  • I can’t slow down; it’s so hard to sit still even though I’m tired.

  • I want to learn to be “in my body.”

     Let's have a further example, you know that you need some changes in your life, but you don't know where to start, breathing sessions are best for you. For some people, at the beginning, Meditation can be hard to concentrate , but Conscious Breathing is always much more easier. Because we've already breathed since we had born. Actually breathing in a correct way is not a new thing, you just need to remember how you had been breathing when you were born.


     Additionally, the results of breathing exercise come instantly. And yet we take breathing for granted.  I am dedicated to share with you how take the benefits of simplified conscious breathing into your life. Right where you need it.

After breathing sessions you will see that your energy will be increased, emotions will be more balanced, you will sleep better, your digestion will be improved, you will focus better, feel more concentrated and your stress will be relieved. 

     You should know that breathing is safe for all ages, it has lifetime benefits and it is easy to learn. You just need to add it into your daily life.

     The breathing exercise is like a lung workout. It exercises your diaphragm, intercostal muscles, and, if practiced regularly, can positively affect your lung capacity. Increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain and body have significant physical impact on your wellbeing. Additionally, the increased oxygen flow and intense relaxation which automatically happens afterwards helps you “let go” of anger and sadness, letting you feel “unstuck” mentally. If you want more challenge to “let go”, we can work together by asking you hard personal questions during the practice, in this way, you’ll be rewarded with clarity and strength.

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