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Why my business is called SANA ANIMAM?

When I was in Italian High school in Istanbul, we had to learn the third mandatory language that was Latin, coming after Italian and English. At that time, I was thinking about the purpose of translating some old Latin texts from Latin to Italian. It seemed pointless, because we were very few people doing it and there were much more important things for us to do for a better future. I was feeling like losing my limited time for nothing. 20 years later, after seeing the world from a larger perspective thanks to ThetaHealing® , when I started to think about my first steps toward a new business, the first thing that came into my mind was choosing my business name in Latin. In this way, I everyday could easily remember that everyhing that happens in my life, has a reason and a special purpose for me even if I can't see it, while living. Sometimes what we have in life could seem bad, wrong, unuseful, painful or unfair; but we should always remember that it serves us as an opportunity to become a better person in the long run. 'SANA ANIMAM' remembers me to see the positive gain, in every challange that I used to have in my life and reform it in a positive way.

What does 'SANA ANIMAM' mean?


Don't we all want to have a healthy living for ourselves? It sounded me the most simple and meaningful title for my job: SANA ANIMAM

'For a healthy and a happy life' it quickly came as SANA ANIMAM's motto.

What do you think about it now? Are you excited as me while reading this? Does it resonate something from your life? I think there is also some purpose for you to read this. We could always have a quick chat about it, if you like to have one.

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